“I really enjoyed Chip Street’s, Rocket Summer. The premise is unique, the characters are believable and there are surprises that keep you guessing and turning the pages. Check it out. I’m now curious what else Street has up his sleeve.”

There are surprises that keep you guessing

“Rocket Summer is a real page turner (yeah it’s a cliche but it’s true), maintaining a pace that’s compelling and cinematic – it’s no wonder it’s being made into a movie. It’s just plain hard to put down. The main story about the rocket car is completely charming and engaging, and provides a crazy adventure that those 12 and up will dig. But it’s the subtler themes that really shine, and that (along with some truly Literary prose) is what elevates Rocket Summer into a more substantial book that will appeal to adults and older kids: coming of age, family, abuse, loss, trust, friendship, and first loves.”

A real page turner…