I’ve been writing and drawing since I could hold a pencil. My mom used to buy the leftover ends of newsprint rolls from the local newspaper (remember when newspapers were printed?) just to keep me in drawing paper. 🙂

As a kid, I wrote poems, plays, and stories… and I drew comic strips. I tried writing a novel in high school. I didn’t finish, but I tried, and that’s what counts.

I studied Literature in college, with an emphasis on writing children’s stories. I got to work with Lucille Clifton, which was awesome and inspiring.

But I never actually published any of my stories back then.

As a grown-up, I illustrated books for other people for quite a few years.

And I started writing screenplays (and doing other stuff) for movies. I’ve had some success there, and it’s a lot of fun.

But it took a long time before I finally finished a proper novel, and only recently started publishing my kid’s picture books.

Maybe it’s because now I have grandchildren, and they inspire me. 🙂

I hope you enjoy my books!

P.S. I am also a marketing writer… I have another website where you can read a lot more about the other kinds of work I do. Visit it HERE: ChipStreet.com.