Hide & Seek With Beverly

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It’s a fun time playing outdoors at the park on a beautiful sunny day

Beverly, Steven, and Michael are playing hide and seek. It’s Beverly’s turn to seek, and as she counts to ten Steven and Michael rush to find a good hiding place.

Follow along as Beverly counts to ten, and watch as Steven and Michael do their best to hide while hanging on to a bouncy ball and a teddy bear.

Will she find them? Can you? Maybe they’re on the slide, or under the park bench, or hiding behind the drinking fountain.

Includes hidden clickable content for curious seeking fingers.

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“Such a fun little story. Just perfect for little ones! The drawings made me laugh – they’re cute and crisp, and funny! Good job, Chip, on creating a wonderful little story that any little (or big) kid can relate to and enjoy. . . and learn to count to ten as well!”

“I really enjoyed reading this book to my little girl as she loves to play hide and seek. The pictures where the characters are trying to hide where funny, so I enjoyed the humor of the illustrations and how it teaches how to count up to ten and the game of hide and seek. Easy to read and read over and over again.”

“This is a fun book for little ones to keep them counting and anticipating what’s to come. The illustrations are very sweet and add to the enjoyment of the book.”