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4 kids. 3 rockets. 1 bad idea.

Lacey Patterson is thirteen years old, and summer in the tiny desert town of Alice, Nevada is boring and predictable. For her and her friends Kenny and Charlie, it’s looking like another summer of washing dishes, fixing irrigation pipes and poking sticks at armadillos…

Until they make an exciting – and dangerous – discovery.

Lacey’s stumbled across a crate filled with surplus military rockets. So she and Kenny have decided to do what any kid would do… build a rocket powered car on the outskirts of town. Of course, they know nothing about carsĀ and have no way to move the rockets. Oh, and they’ll probably get killed in the process.

Luckily, Kenny’s delinquent older sister Darlene does know cars, and she has a pickup. So they scrounge for small change to keep her in hush money, and she helps them steal parts and tools.

With enough duct tape and baling wire, and a healthy dose of not-knowing-any-better, they’re bent on making this a summer to remember… if they can just stay alive long enough to enjoy it.

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“This was a great story about friendship and reaching for dreams. Totally different plot and setting, but the feel of it reminded me of “Stand By Me.” I found myself rooting for the characters as they encountered obstacles and holding my breath when…yeah, not going to spoil it.”

“I’m no kid, and I was riveted. The book is a real page turner (yeah it’s a cliche but it’s true), maintaining a pace that’s compelling and cinematic – it’s no wonder it’s being made into a movie. It’s just plain hard to put down. The main story about the rocket car is completely charming and engaging, and provides a crazy adventure that those 12 and up will dig. But it’s the subtler themes that really shine, and that (along with some truly Literary prose) is what elevates Rocket Summer into a more substantial book that will appeal to adults and older kids: coming of age, family, abuse, loss, trust, friendship, and first loves.”

“I read Rocket Summer, by Chip Street, in one sitting. I just couldn’t tear myself away. It is very interesting to see how each kid deals with their lives, and to follow the progress of the rocket car. Their personalities are realistic, and each scene in this fabulous story is exciting. Wonderfully, I couldn’t predict the end, which made me want to read about it more! I would definitely recommend Rocket Summer to people my age, but I wouldn’t be surprised if an adult enjoyed it, too!”

“I really enjoyed Chip Street’s, Rocket Summer. The premise is unique, the characters are believable and there are surprises that keep you guessing and turning the pages. Check it out. I’m now curious what else Street has up his sleeve.”